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Nowhere else in Europe is there a school in the maintained sector which offers a complete specialist music programme from primary to secondary level in two neighbouring centres. The happy association with Flora Stevenson Primary School ensures the musical development of our students from an early age within a caring and sensitive framework. The intensive training – involving regular practice, various ensembles and individual expert tuition from the most talented and dedicated teachers in the land, paves the way for our students to secure positions in some of the most prestigious colleges, universities, ensembles, orchestras and media organisations in the world.

Also unique is the commitment to all styles of music. Building on our exceptional reputation for classical teaching we also offer expertise in the fields of rock, jazz and traditional Scottish music. New exciting ventures have included workshops with internationally renowned singers, songwriters and instrumentalists and lectures on the music industry. The City of Edinburgh Music School keeps abreast of all that is new on the music scene while ensuring the highest standards and finest traditions of teaching, performing and academic study.

Please note: the closing date for applications to the City of Edinburgh Music School for the school year 2020/2021 is 10th January 2020.

All instruments and all styles of music are considered equally.

A preliminary audition can be arranged through the Director of The Music School at any time during the academic year. On the basis of this informal meeting advice will be given on whether or not to proceed further.

Those short-listed for a final audition, will be called in February, March or April for assessment by a panel of highly-renowned musicians from both within and outwith the School. All instruments and all styles of music are considered equally. Over the years students have successfully secured places in The Music School with their performances on a wide variety of instruments such as drum kit, electric guitar, bagpipes and recorder along with standard orchestral instruments.

The audition is a straightforward 15-minute performance of music of the candidate’s own choice plus a variety of other possibilities such as aural tests, scales, sightreading and improvising as appropriate.The whole audition normally lasts 30 minutes.

The panel is aware of the widely differing backgrounds of the applicants and is looking much more for potential ability than for present attainment. For this reason it is not possible to prescribe a level of performance required for entry at any stage. The technical skill of a young primary student may be of little significance in the selection. On the other hand it would be unrealistic to consider seriously an S4 or S5 student who is not already well on the way to the technical accomplishment expected by one of our major colleges of music. There is no set number of places to be allocated annually. There are many musical children for whom a specialist education is not necessarily the best course.

The City of Edinburgh Council will offer places only to those children who, in the opinion of the panel, have a musical talent and personal motivation of such a degree as to justify a highly-specialised form of education. If you are unsure of suitability for application, please feel welcome to telephone the Director of The Music School for an informal discussion.


Further details can be found on the Edinburgh Music School website

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