COVID-19 Statement

If you are a MUSIC TEACHER, this is for YOU! [UPDATED NOVEMBER 2021]

When schools reopened late Summer/early Autumn 2020 after the first and major lockdown, all music teachers, whether secondary, primary, additional support, instrumental, were faced with challenges previously unknown or experienced. Social distancing, regular cleaning, provision of learning material in alternative formats, blended learning, decisions over exams qualifications, evidence – all of these and much more – have faced education staff across the country.

Much has been written by many on safe practices for teaching and learning in music, giving opinion and causing concern, and while all of it is valid, SAME recognises the need for concise support. 

To that end and in 2020, SAME offered this link to the guidelines prepared by Music Mark, the UK Association for Music Education:

Music Unlocked: Guidance for Schools and Music Providers | Music Mark

While no guidance is universal nor can it cover all eventualities, we recognise that all schools, departments, music rooms, situations are different. Guidelines and guidance are offered here as support, as an anchor to seek safety and as a basis for your teaching.

Further guidance has since been issued by various bodies and is included here.

Additional Guidance on Managing Risks of Covid 19 for Instrumental Music Teachers

Education Scotland Practical Activities Guidelines

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s Issues: advisory note on physical education, music and drama in schools –


An interesting report on online instrumental and vocal music teaching during the Covid-19 lockdown…


The following message on the SAME website went to SAME members by mailchimp, and featured on SAME’s social media pages, via our Ambassadors to all schools, state and independent, and HE/FE, to the Music Education Partnership Group (with links to all formal and informal activities and education offshoots) and to Heads of Instrumental Teaching Scotland.

Significantly, SAME also sent this message and the original link to all 32 Scottish Local Authority Directors of Education seeking their understanding of the importance of music in the curriculum.

for SAME

Fiona Sellar, Chair

Donna Minto, Vice-chair

Graeme Wilson, Secretary

11 June 2020 and 25 January 2021

Scottish Association for Music Education

Heads of Instrumental Teaching Scotland 

Joint statement, 16 June 2020 

Music brings people together and offers solace, support and enlightenment, possibly like no other factor in life.

Music educators have always expounded the benefits of learning in and through music, and in the formal music education sector, teamwork has been and continues to be key. Classroom and Instrumental music learning and teaching in Scottish schools is a major success and the lives of so many young people have been influenced and improved by engagement offered through music.

The Scottish Association for Music Education (SAME) and the Heads of Instrumental Teaching Scotland (HITS) represent music teaching colleagues in all branches of the profession and work tirelessly to support them. Both groups are strong advocates of the place of music and regularly promote the outstanding work undertaken by their members. For both organisations, it is as important to reach out to the highest level of decision-making affecting music education as it is to support each and every member in the work with learners at all levels. HITS and SAME are also involved with and very supportive of music education work under the mantle of the Youth Music Initiative (YMI) which both complements and enhances their own output.

Partnership has been/is an essential part of music teaching as regularly evinced in secondary school music departments, and our two umbrella groups are working more closely together than ever with the single aim of promoting education through music. It is imperative that collaboration continues and that all music teaching colleagues can and will feel supported in their work and by each other. To that end, HITS and SAME are planning joint support events and will announce collaboration during the school session.

for SAME: Fiona Sellar, Chair; Donna Minto, Vice-Chair; Graeme Wilson, Secretary

for HITS: Shonagh Stevenson, Chair; James Cunningham, Vice-Chair

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